2022 Winter Closed

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Winter Closed was a three-dot tournament for the 2022-2023 season that was co-head edited by Tim Morrison (Literature, Math} and Tejas Raje (World and Other History, Geography and Current Events and Other Academic), with editing assistance from Justine French (Philosophy); William Golden (Other Fine Arts); Hasna Karim (Religion [excluding Judaism and Christianity] and Social Science [excluding Economics]); Itamar Naveh-Benjamin (Biology); Hari Parameswaran (US and European History, Painting and Sculpture); Jonathen Settle (Chemistry, Physics, Other Science [excluding Math]); Ethan Strombeck (Auditory Fine Arts); Jon Suh (Religion [Judaism and Christianity]); and Annabelle Yang (Mythology). Aidan Leahy handled the logistics for the set.

In addition to the editors, the set was written by Jacob Egol, Ganon Evans, Natan Holtzman, Aseem Keyal, Rahul Keyal, Amogh Kulkarni, Steven Liu, Chauncey Lo, Douglas Meeker and Kai Smith.

Region Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Stats
Northeast MIT Katherine Lei Yale Brown Cade Reinberger (RIT) Stats
Upper Mid-Atlantic Maryland Connor Mayers Penn Rutgers Caleb Kendrick (Maryland A) Stats
Lower Mid-Atlantic North Carolina Jacob Egol Virginia A North Carolina A Gio Mazzeo (Virginia B) Stats
Eastern Canada Toronto Jamie Chow Toronto A UBC Lia Rathburn (UBC) Stats
Great Lakes Ohio State Sam Stahler Ohio State A Michigan Clark Smith (Ohio State A) Stats
Northern California Stanford Tim Morrison Claremont Colleges Berkeley Bleen Eric Wolfsburg (Stanford A) Stats
Florida Florida State Robert Szot Florida T Florida A Tracy Mirkin (Florida T) Stats
Midwest WUSTL Jonah Schwartz Chicago Illinois Fred Garvey (Truman State) Stats
UK UKQB via Zoom Ben Jones Oxford Imperial A Xander Pichner (York) Stats
Online Winter Closed Logistics Team via Zoom Aidan Leahy Minnesota McGill Cormac Beirne (McGill) Stats