Dallas Simons

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Dallas Simons
Noted subjects Classics, Geography, Mythology, History, and Folklore
Current college Retired
Past colleges Harvard (2009-2012), Penn (2012-2016)
High school MLK (2005-2008)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dallas Simons was a quizbowl player at Harvard and Penn. He formerly played for MLK Magnet High School in Nashville, TN. Dallas is considered to be one of the best classics and Greco-Roman myth players of all time and one of the best active geography players. He is also known for his bitter rivalry with Jeff Hoppes for the title of Nicest Guy in Quizbowl.

High School

He was the top individual scorer at the 2007 HSNCT and led his team to a 2nd place finish at the 2007 NSC.

He also led the winning team at the 2008 ACF Regionals Southeast tournament as a high school senior, topping over 80 ppg in the process. That year he lead his team to high finishes at both nationals again and was the 2nd highest individual scorer at HSNCT.


Dallas' performance at EFT3 was the subject of the Mind Games article by Christian Flow, and he quickly proved himself to be an dangerous member of Harvard's starting four, along with Ted Gioia, Andy Watkins, and Bruce Arthur. As a sophomore, he won both the 2009 EFT and 2009 ACF Fall playing solo.

His notable finishes include winning the 2010 Chicago Open, and finishing on the second place team at the 2009 Chicago Open.

Dallas led the team that won Geography Monstrosity 2 and his team finished second to Jeff Hoppes at the first Geography Monstrosity.

Dallas joined the Penn team for two years as he finished a post-bac and started a PhD in Classics. He graduated with an MA from Penn in 2016 and currently works as an actuary.


Dallas is also among the quizbowlers on youtube, appearing in a film he directed to promote the image of Cabot House at Harvard [1]. Simons claims his directorial work is most influenced by the desperate vitality of Herzog's films, the tension between the Orphic and the Dionysian in Cocteau's best work, and Bergman's love of computer-animated explosions.

Dallas Simons was actually a physics major in undergrad.

Notable Tournaments

HSNCT Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Brendan Byrne
Kurtis Droge