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Gautam Kandlikar
Noted Subjects:
science, India, kings, popes
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Minnesota (2008-2011)
High School Team Eden Prairie (2005-2007)
Middle School Team None

Gautam Kandlikar is a recent graduate of Minnesota who is one of the best science players in quizbowl history, and also one of the most well-rounded players known mainly for science contributions. He has won four major undergraduate titles and one ICT title playing with Minnesota and edited numerous instances of Minnesota's annual tournaments: Minnesota Open and MUT. He is a full member of ACF and served as the head editor of ACF Fall in 2009. He won many tournaments with various Minnesota lineups throughout the years and is known for his efficient playing style and clutch buzzing in key match situations.

High School Career

Gautam is from Eden Prairie High School, where he was a co-captain along with Trevor Davis for the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons, and he played along with Michael Wright and others.

College Career

He has been active at the University of Minnesota. Gautam has stayed in touch with high-school quiz bowl in Minnesota, and he moderates at league games and invitational tournaments.

Gautam is currently a member of PACE and freelances questions for the PACE NSC. He is currently taking a break from writing questions for HSAPQ.

Writing/Editing Experience

Gautam writes questions in most categories, but most people think he only writes science.

He has worked on:


  • Gautam is working on INDIA[1] to be produced by October 2009.
  • He is also going to write for Minnesota Open 2009.
  • He is going to oversee production of the 2009 Fall Novice Tournament.
  • Gautam will be editing 2009 Chicago Open with Trevor Davis, Eric Kwartler, Wesley Matthews, and Trygve Meade.
  • Gautam will serve as supervisor/editor-in-chief for 2009 ACF Fall. Fellow editors include Evan Adams, Auroni Gupta, Will Nediger, Mehdi Razvi, and George Stevens.