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Virginia Commonwealth University
Vcu seal.png
Richmond, VA
Current President or Coach President:
Ellen Patchin
Matt Weiner
National championships 2005 NAQT Undergraduate
2011 NAQT Undergraduate
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Virginia Commonwealth University, often referred to as VCU, has had a quizbowl team continuously since 2002 and is prominent in hosting and playing events in the Mid-Atlantic region.


During the 1980s, VCU played College Bowl and hosted high school tournaments. Team members included Jim Lehman, Pam Kiely, Julie Savage, Randy Pittman, Carson Martin, Jim Comer, and Chris Aliff. VCU finished last at College Bowl Regionals in 1984, ninth out of twenty-four teams in 1985, and fourth (one spot above UVa) in 1986, which also saw VCU defeat Duke "by a big point spread." VCU also attended an unknown invitational tournament in 1985, finishing second. Chris Aliff was named co-MVP of the 1986 Regionals along with a player from Vanderbilt. This team remained active beyond the College Bowl intramural/regional series at least through the 1987-1988 year, and hosted three high school tournaments in the spring of 1986, 1987, and 1988. The team's faculty sponsor was Edith White. Per the IBA Buzzer newsletter, VCU was subsequently banned from participating in College Bowl for running a high school tournament on recycled College Bowl questions.

A second incarnation of the VCU team, about which nothing else is known, attended a 1993 invitational tournament at Virginia as per this Usenet post, and a team from VCU participated in College Bowl again at least in 1996 according to College Bowl's database (as well as 1991 according to Tom Michael's page).

The modern program of VCU quizbowl was founded by Matt Weiner in November 2002 by virtue of his attendance at the ACF Fall tournament held by Case Western. Tournaments won by VCU in this time period were the 2003 NAQT Sectionals at Virginia, the 2003 Princeton Buzzerfest, the 2004 Maryland Terrapin, the 2005 NAQT Sectionals, the 2005 Manu Ginobili/Tony Parker at Maryland, the undergraduate title at the 2005 ICT, the 2006 ACF Regionals at Princeton, the 2006 UNC tournament, the 2007 NAQT Sectionals at George Mason, and the 2007 Maryland Terrapin. Evan Adams and Andrew Alexander became team mainstays for the next two years, with George Berry, Cody Voight, and Sean Smiley all joining the team in fall 2009. Sometimes with the aid of dual-enrolled high schooler Tommy Casalaspi, the team went on to finish second to Maryland infinity times, also winning the 2010 ACF Winter tournament at NC Wesleyan and the 2011 Region 5 Division II Sectionals. VCU had a five-year streak of SCT Undergraduate championships from 2009 to 2013 despite a 100% turnover of its NAQT lineup over that timespan.

At the 2011 ICT, VCU's Division I team finished third overall and won the Undergraduate championship, while VCU's Division II team finished fourth after losing a tiebreaker game for second place to veteran D2 ICT participant Charles Hang. 2011 VCU, 2009 Minnesota, and 2014 Yale are the only Undergraduate-eligible teams to finish in the top 3 overall in the history of the DI ICT. A VCU team led by Sean Smiley and Cody Voight also won the 2011 ACF Fall site at UVa, and a team containing Smiley, Voight, and Berry finished a strong 14th at ACF Nationals in 2012, losing only to Rice in the second playoff bracket.

VCU had a nine-year streak of finishing in the Top 25 in at least one of the overall national tournaments (ACF Nationals or DI ICT), from 2005 to 2013, a feat matched only by Chicago and Illinois. VCU's 12-year streak of ACF Nationals participation from 2005 to 2016 made it the longest-tenured Nationals entrant aside from Chicago. This streak was achieved with three roster turnovers producing four completely distinct player lineups; i.e., the 2005 ACF Nationals team did not have any players in common with the 2008 team, which did not have any players in common with the 2012 team, which did not have any players in common with the 2016 team.

VCU continued its active participation in regional events after 2013. Competitive highlights included bringing four teams to 2015 ACF Fall at Duke, with the A team losing on the last tossup of the finals game, qualifying for and attending the 2016 DII ICT, and seeing team members win the top scorer all-star at the 2015 Virginia Tech novice tournament (Neil Wilcox-Cook) and the 2020 Virginia Tech Delta Burke mirror (Victor Savage). Club presidents since the graduation of Cody Voight have included Najwa Watson, Megh Kumar, Daniel Ogburn, Nathan Nguyen, and Meredith Seaberg.


VCU ran three-hour, five-day-a-week practices in the summer of 2009 in order to learn more things. The team's height of success over the next two years is directly attributable to the culture produced by the summer 2009 push. Regular participants in the practice regimen included Cody Voight, Evan Adams, George Berry, Matt Weiner, Tommy Casalaspi, Saltines Guy, Cameron Orth, and Riley May.

VCU ran a 24-hour practice to conclude the summer 2009 regime, which proved that doing so is a horrible idea.

VCU conducted the VCU team-building exercise prior to departing for ACF Nationals every year from 2010 to 2016.

VCU invented the "stand up and win" technique for mounting comebacks in games and may have been the first tournament host to use the paired cross-bracket prelims tournament format and networked projectors to display tournament information.

VCU has produced two of the most prolific sushi-eating contest contenders in quizbowl history, George Berry and Cody Voight, and was also responsible for demonstrating Maryland team member Jordan Brownstein's competitiveness when he immediately ate a ball of wasabi upon being falsely informed that it was a "bonus ball" in a contest.

Question set production

Over the summer of 2015 the members of the VCU club, under the editorial guidance of alumni, wrote a novice collegiate question set which was mirrored across the Northern Hemisphere in the fall semester of 2015. In preparation for this event, VCU's comprehensive system of planning documents and templates for tournament hosting was developed. In addition to participating in nationwide question-production organizations such as NAQT, HSAPQ, and ACF, various VCU members and alumni have also been involved in writing several other "housewrite" sets including the 2005 J'Accuse college set, collaborative high school tournaments with Vanderbilt in 2011 and Ohio State in 2012, and multiple editions of the VCU Open summer tournament.

Tournaments Hosted

VCU has produced several qualified tournament directors including Matt Weiner, George Berry, Evan Adams, Cody Voight, and Nate Boughner.

VCU is an active tournament host at the high school, collegiate, and open levels. VCU hosts the VCU Fall Tournament, VCU Winter Tournament, and VCU Season Finale Tournament for high schools every year, and has hosted many one-off college mirrors and shorter-tenured high school tournaments as well.

As of February 2023, VCU has hosted 129 quizbowl tournaments.

This table lists tournaments organized by the VCU team, even if they were physically held elsewhere. It excludes tournaments organized by others, such as CaTO/TaCO and CULT, even if they were held at VCU, and tournaments organized by people who were affiliated with the VCU team but acting as individuals in hosting the event.

Date Name Level Champion Runner-up Stats Question Set
4/15/2023 VCU Season Finale XV High School National: Thomas Jefferson A, Standard: Thomas Jefferson D, JV: Norfolk Academic Guild National: Thomas Jefferson B, Standard: Langley, JV: Maggie Walker C Stats IQBT #2
3/25/2023 Canadian Novice Mid-Atlantic College William & Mary Virginia A Stats 2023 Canadian Novice
1/28/2023 ACF Regionals Mid-Atlantic College North Carolina A Maryland A Stats 2023 ACF Regionals
12/3/2022 VCU Winter XIII High School Upper: BASIS McLean B, Standard: Maggie Walker C Upper: McLean A, Standard: Maggie Walker D Stats NAQT IS-215
10/29/2022 VCU Fall Tournament XI High School Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Stats IQBT #1
5/7/2022 VCU Season Finale Tournament XIV High School Maggie Walker A Blacksburg Stats 2022 Reinstein
4/30/2022 VCU WORKSHOP Mirror College Virginia A William & Mary Stats 2022 WORKSHOP
2/19/2022 VCU MRNA Mirror College Virginia A Thomas Jefferson High School A Stats MRNA Vaccine
12/4/2021 VCU Winter Tournament XII High School Upper: Douglas Freeman A , Standard: Norfolk Academic Guild B Upper: Thomas Jefferson B, Standard: Maggie Walker C Stats NAQT IS-206
10/30/2021 VCU Fall Tournament X High School Richard Montgomery Norfolk Academic Guild Stats 2021 SSNCT
5/1/2021 VCU Season Finale Tournament XIII High School Richard Montgomery A Thomas Jefferson A Stats LONE STAR
2/13/2021 Delta Burke Mini-Mirror Collegiate George Washington A William & Mary Stats 2020 Delta Burke
12/5/2020 VCU Winter XI High School National: Chattahoochee A, Varsity: Roeper, JV: Longfellow A National: Maggie Walker A, Varsity: Chattahoochee C, JV: Longfellow B Stats NAQT IS-195
10/31/2020 VCU Fall IX High School Norfolk Academic Guild Maggie Walker A Stats 2020 RAFT II
10/10/2020 IO SATURNALIA Mirror Collegiate Pitt A Penn C Stats 2020 SATURNALIA
2/1/2020 MWT Mirror Collegiate UVa A UNC A Stats 2020 Michigan Winter Tournament
4/27/2019 VCU Season Finale Tournament XII High School T.C. Williams Jamestown Stats NAQT IS-177
3/23/2019 FST Mirror Collegiate UNC Virginia Tech A Stats 2019 Florida Spring Tournament
7/29/2018 2018 Canadian Hybrid Tournament Mirror Open Matt Weiner Sean Smiley Stats 2018 Canadian Hybrid Tournament
7/29/2018 GMX Mirror Open Daniel Brezina Sean Smiley Stats GMX
7/29/2018 Chomping Down at Shoney's Mirror Open Matt Weiner Eric Douglass Stats Chomping Down at Shoney's
7/29/2018 OCTAVIAN Mirror Open Matt Weiner Eric Wolfsberg Stats OCTAVIAN
7/28/2018 Human Use of Human Beings Mirror Open Matt Weiner Eric Wolfsberg, Vasa Clarke Stats Human Use of Human Beings
7/28/2018 RAPTURE Mirror Open Matt Weiner Bryce Wargin Stats RAPTURE
7/28/2018 WORLDSTAR Mirror Open Daniel Brezina Eric Wolfsberg Stats WORLDSTAR
7/28/2018 Words and Objects Mirror Open Matt Weiner Sean Smiley Stats Words and Objects
4/28/2018 VCU Season Finale Tournament XI High School Robinson Norfolk Academic Guild A Stats 2018 BHSAT
2/17/2018 WAO II Mirror Collegiate UVa A Delaware Stats WAO II
12/2/2017 VCU Winter X High School Maggie Walker A Riverbend Stats NAQT IS-168
10/28/2017 VCU Bob-Style Tournament III High School Maggie Walker Varsity (Varsity), Maggie Walker National (National), Maggie Walker JV C (JV) Kettle Run Varsity B (Varsity), Norfolk Academic Guild National (National), Maggie Walker JV B (JV) Stats NAQT IS-167A
8/6/2017 GEODUCK Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Evan Adams Will Alston, Daniel Brezina, Eric Douglass Stats GEODUCK
8/6/2017 XENOPHON Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Tommy Casalaspi Aidan Mehigan, Will Alston, Evan Adams Stats XENOPHON
8/6/2017 There Will Be Stock Clues Mirror Open Ophir Lifshitz, Matt Weiner, Richard Yu, Aidan Mehigan Cody Voight, Tommy Casalaspi, Tamara Vardomskaya, Sam Luongo Stats There Will Be Stock Clues
8/5/2017 NASAT Mirror Open Will Alston, Rohan Narayan, Alston Boyd, Raynell Cooper Daniel Hothem, Evan Adams, Aidan Mehigan, Richard Yu Stats 2017 NASAT
4/29/2017 VCU Season Finale Tournament X High School Guilford A Maggie Walker A Stats 2017 BHSAT
4/15/2017 Eisenhower Memorial Tournament Mirror Collegiate Maryland Georgetown Stats Eisenhower Memorial Tournament
2/18/2017 ACF Regionals Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Maryland A UVa A Stats 2017 ACF Regionals
1/21/2017 VCU Bob-Style Tournament II High School Homeschool Out of the Box A (Varsity), Maggie Walker A (National), Homeschool Out of the Box B (JV) Maggie Walker C (Varsity), Maggie Walker B (National), Norfolk Academic Guild B (JV) Stats NAQT IS-163A
12/3/2016 VCU Winter IX High School Montgomery Blair A Maggie Walker A Stats NAQT IS-162
10/15/2016 VCU Fall Tournament VIII High School Thomas Jefferson A Richard Montgomery A Stats NAQT IS-158
8/7/2016 GRAPHIC Mirror Open Matt Weiner George Berry Stats GRAPHIC
8/7/2016 Ten-Point Shootout Mirror Open David Seal Justin Hawkins Stats Ten-Point Shootout
8/7/2016 Guerilla Film Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi, David Seal Eric Douglass, Bryn Douglass, Cody Voight Stats Guerilla Film
8/7/2016 Not Another Trash Tournament Mirror Open Cody Voight, Siddharth Hariharan, Tommy Casalaspi, David Seal Evan Adams, Matt Weiner, Najwa Watson, Keyon Aghajan Stats Not Another Trash Tournament
8/6/2016 Listory Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Tommy Casalaspi Evan Adams, Aidan Mehigan, David Seal Stats Listory
8/6/2016 ARTSEE Mirror Open Evan Adams, Cody Voight, Tommy Casalaspi Keyon Aghajan, Quynh Duong, Taylor Harvey Stats ARTSEE
8/6/2016 A Culture of Improvement Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Aidan Mehigan Evan Adams, Cody Voight Stats A Culture of Improvement
8/6/2016 2016 Tricon Main Site Open Matt Weiner David Seal Stats 2016 Tricon
4/30/2016 VCU Season Finale Tournament IX High School Maggie Walker A Guilford Stats 2015 CALI
2/20/2016 VCU Bob-Style Tournament I High School Cosby (Varsity), Western Albemarle (National), New Kent C (JV) Bishop Sullivan A (Varsity), Maggie Walker A (National), Kettle Run A (JV) Stats NAQT IS-147A
2/6/2016 NAQT Sectionals Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Maryland A (Division I), UVa B (Division II) Penn A (Division I), Gettysburg (Division II) Stats 2016 NAQT SCT
12/5/2015 VCU Winter VIII High School Richard Montgomery A Maggie Walker A Stats NAQT IS-152
11/14/2015 Missouri Open 2015 Mirror Open Jordan Brownstein, Naveed Chowdhury, Ophir Lifshitz, Arun Chonai (Maryland) Evan Adams, Tejas Raje, Marshall Steinbaum, Chris Manners Stats Missouri Open 2015
10/17/2015 VCU Fall VII High School Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Stats 2015 BASK
10/3/2015 VCU Novice Main Site Collegiate UVa A UVa B Stats VCU Novice
8/9/2015 Tricon 2015 Open Jordan Brownstein, Tejas Raje, Matt Weiner, George Berry Evan Adams, Matt Bollinger, Chris Ray, John Lawrence, Joey Goldman Stats 2015 Tricon
8/9/2015 VICO Mirror Open John Lawrence, Tommy Casalaspi, J.R. Roach, Kasey Sease, Matt Bollinger Matt Weiner, Evan Adams, Nate Boughner Stats VICO
8/9/2015 SHEIKH Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Vasa Clarke, Nate Boughner Charlie Dees, Rafael Krichevsky, Ben Zhang Stats SHEIKH
8/8/2015 VCU Open 2015 Open Jordan Brownstein, Tommy Casalaspi, Matt Jackson, Chris Manners Ankit Aggarwal, Joey Goldman, Aaron Rosenberg, Marshall Steinbaum Stats 2015 VCU Open
8/8/2015 We Have Never Been Modern Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Tejas Raje Evan Adams, Cody Voight Stats We Have Never Been Modern
4/11/2015 VCU Season Finale Tournament VIII High School Guilford A Western Albermarle Stats 2015 Prison Bowl
12/6/2014 VCU Winter Tournament VII High School Maggie Walker A Richard Montgomery A Stats NAQT IS-142
10/11/14 VCU Fall Tournament VI High School Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Stats NAQT IS-138
10/4/14 VCU PADAWAN Mirror Collegiate Maryland A Penn Stats 2014 PADAWAN
8/3/14 VCU Open Sunday 2014/Texas Quizbowl Camp Mirror Open Evan Adams, Matt Jackson, John Lawrence, Eric Mukherjee J.R. Roach, Tommy Casalaspi, Matt Bollinger, Juan Garavito Stats 2014 DISCO
8/2/14 Triacontakaipentagon 2.5 Open Sam Bailey, Tejas Raje, Ian Lenhoff, Matt Weiner, Jon Pinyan Jonathan Magin, Aaron Rosenberg, Matt Jackson, J.R. Roach Stats 2014 Tricon
8/2/14 VCU Open 2014 Open Eric Mukherjee, Matt Bollinger, Chris Manners, Aaron Rosenberg Matt Jackson, Tommy Casalaspi, Jonathan Magin, J.R. Roach Stats 2014 VCU Open
4/19/14 VCU Season Finale Tournament VII High School Maggie Walker A Georgetown Day Stats 2014 BHSAT
4/5/14 MUT Mid-Atlantic Mirror Collegiate Western Albemarle Maryland A Stats 2014 MUT
3/15/14 Ottawa Hybrid Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Dennis Loo, Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi Dan Puma, Chris Manners Stats 2014 Ottawa Hybrid
3/15/14 Ohio Trash Mirror Open Matt Weiner, Dennis Loo, Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi Dan Puma, Gary Weiser, Nora Stats 2014 Ohio Trash
3/1/14 VCU Spring Tournament VI High School Richard Montgomery Maggie Walker A Stats 2014 LIST
12/7/13 VCU Winter Tournament VI High School Dorman A Maggie Walker A Stats NAQT IS-132
11/9/13 Collaborative tournament with UVa High School Maggie Walker A Richard Montgomery Stats HSAPQ Tournament 42
10/12/13 VCU MFT Mirror Collegiate UVa A Maryland A Stats MFT
10/05/13 VCU Fall Tournament V High School Western Albemarle Maggie Walker Stats NAQT IS-128
8/4/13 Triacontakaipentagon Open Matt Bollinger, Tommy Casalaspi, Evan Adams, David Seal Matt Weiner, Aidan Mehigan, Andrew Feist Stats Triacontakaipentagon
8/3/13 VCU Open 2013 Open Matt Bollinger, Tommy Casalaspi, Evan Adams, David Seal John Lawrence, Marshall Steinbaum, Max Schindler, Doug Graebner Stats 2013 VCU Open
4/20/13 VCU Season Finale Tournament VI High School Loyola Montgomery Blair Stats 2013 BHSAT
4/6/13 MUT Mid-Atlantic Mirror Collegiate UVa A St. Luke's Stats 2013 MUT
3/16/13 VCU Spring Tournament V High School Maggie Walker A Montgomery Blair Stats 2013 LIST
2/2/13 VCU Closed Collegiate UVa A Chicago Stats 2013 VCU Closed
12/1/12 VCU Winter Tournament V High School Guilford A Richard Montgomery Stats NAQT IS-122
10/13/12 VCU Fall Tournament IV High School Maggie Walker A Montgomery Blair Stats NAQT IS-118
4/14/12 MUT Mid-Atlantic Mirror Collegiate Maryland B Penn Stats 2012 MUT
3/10/12 VCU Spring Tournament IV High School HH Academy St. Anselm's Stats 2012 VCU-Ohio State Set
12/10/11 VCU Winter Tournament IV High School St. Anselm's Georgetown Day Stats NAQT IS-111
8/7/11 Cheyne-Berry Trash Mirror Open David Seal, Rob Carson, Bernadette Spencer, Sam Bailey Carsten Gehring, Evan Nagler, Dan Passner, Jon Pinyan Stats Cheyne-Berry Trash
8/6/11 VCU Open 2011 Open Eric Mukherjee, Ted Gioia, Ike Jose, Chris Ray Will Butler, Matt Bollinger, Rob Carson, Sarah Angelo Stats 2011 VCU Open
5/21/11 VCU Season Finale Tournament V High School Cave Spring St. Luke's Stats 2011 LIST
5/1/11 NAQT Mid-Atlantic Championship 2011 High School St. Anselm's Thomas Jefferson Stats NAQT 2011 SCT Division II
4/2/11 NAQT Virginia Championship 2011 High School Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson B Stats NAQT IS-105
3/26/11 VCU Spring Tournament III High School Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Stats 2011 Prison Bowl
1/23/11 VCU Winter Tournament III High School Maggie Walker A St. Anselm's Stats 2011 VCU-Vanderbilt Set
11/20/10 VCU Fall Tournament III High School Maggie Walker A Clover Hill Stats HSAPQ Tournament 15
10/03/10 Early Fall Tournament Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Maryland A Carnegie Mellon A Stats EFT 2010
8/8/10 VCU Open 2010: Sunday Tournament Open Jerry Vinokurov, Will Butler, Ian Eppler Matt Jackson, Matt Bollinger, Isaac Hirsch, Eric Mukherjee Stats 2010 VCU Open Sunday
8/7/10 VCU Open 2010: Saturday Tournament Open Eric Mukherjee, Chris Ray, Matt Bollinger, Dominic Machado Jonathan Magin, Will Butler, Doug Graebner, Paul Marchsteiner Stats 2010 VCU Open Saturday
5/1/10 NAQT Mid-Atlantic Championship 2010 High School Maggie Walker St. Anselm's Stats NAQT 2010 SCT Division II
4/24/10 VCU Season Finale Tournament IV High School Maggie Walker Thomas Jefferson A Stats 2010 Prison Bowl
1/23/10 VCU Spring Tournament II High School Maggie Walker St. Anselm's Stats 2009 University of Georgia Fall Tournament
12/5/09 VCU Winter Tournament II High School Maggie Walker Georgetown Day Stats NAQT IS-90
11/22/09 Delta Burke Mid-Atlantic Mirror Collegiate Maryland UVa Stats 2009 Delta Burke
11/8/09 TRASH Regionals Mid-Atlantic Open Matt Weiner, Sean Smiley Maryland A Stats 2009 TRASH Regionals
11/7/09 VCU Fall Tournament II High School Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Stats 2009 HFT
10/31/09 ACF Fall 2009 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate State College Maggie Walker Stats 2009 ACF Fall
8/8/09 VCU Open 2009 Open Brendan Byrne, Tommy Casalaspi, Shantanu Jha, David Seal Ike Jose, Eric Mukherjee, Chris Ray, Evan Adams Stats 2009 VCU Open
5/9/09 NAQT Virginia Championship 2009 High School Maggie Walker Collegiate School Stats NAQT IS-85
4/18/09 VCU Season Finale Tournament III High School State College Dorman Stats HSAPQ Tournament 6
3/22/09 Experiment II Mid-Atlantic Site Open Matt Weiner, Tommy Casalaspi, Brennan Downey Shantanu Jha, Doug Graebner, Cameron Orth Stats 2009 The Experiment
3/22/09 FICHTE II Mid-Atlantic Site Open SteveJon Guth, Chris Ray, Phil Durkos, Robbie Blum (Maryland A) David Seal, Shantanu Jha, Doug Graebner (Chicago) Stats 2009 FICHTE
2/21/09 VCU Spring Tournament I High School Walter Johnson Dorman Stats HSAPQ Tournament 3
12/13/08 VCU Winter Tournament I High School Maggie Walker Cosby Stats HSAPQ Tournament 5
11/16/08 VCU Fall Tournament I High School Walter Johnson Maggie Walker A Stats 2008 HFT
11/08/08 ACF Fall 2008 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Maryland A Penn Stats 2008 ACF Fall
8/17/08 Zot Bowl East Coast Mirror Open Brendan Byrne, Andrew Hart, Trevor Davis, Gautam Kandlikar Chris Ray, Keith Jamison, Rebecca Fischer, Leonard Chang Stats ZOT Bowl
8/16/08 VCU Open 2008 Open Jerry Vinokurov, Ted Gioia, Henry Gorman, Andy Watkins Brendan Byrne, Andrew Hart, Trevor Davis, Gautam Kandlikar Stats 2008 VCU Open
5/03/08 VCU Season Finale Tournament II High School Dorman A Thomas Jefferson A Stats 2008 PACE Regular Season Set
3/22/08 MUT Mid-Atlantic Mirror Collegiate Maryland A Maryland B Stats 2008 MUT
2/23/08 VCU Last-Minute Tournament High School Thomas Jefferson A Dorman A Stats NAQT IS-74
11/3/07 ACF Fall 2007 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Maryland A North Carolina A Stats 2007 ACF Fall
5/05/07 VCU Season Finale Tournament I High School Maggie Walker Dorman Stats 2007 PACE Regular Season Set
3/10/07 VCU Open 2007 Open Will Butler, Mark Guerci, Mehdi Razvi, Evan Adams (Maggie Walker) Brittany Clark, Mike Bentley, Jeremy Eaton, Jonathan Magin (Maryland A) Stats 2007 Illinois Novice
4/23/05 J'ACCUSE co-hosted with UVa Collegiate Georgetown North Carolina Stats not available 2005 J'ACCUSE
11/15/03 Illinois Open East Open Phil Durkos, Adam Fine, Dan Greenstein (Maryland) Matt Schneller, Andrew Feist, Darren Abernathy, Sean Hou (Duke) Stats 2003 Illinois Open
5/14/88 VCU College Bowl High School Invitational III High School St. Anne's-Belfield Collegiate Stats not available Uncertain
Spring 1987 VCU College Bowl High School Invitational II High School Unknown Unknown Stats not available Uncertain
4/19/86 VCU College Bowl High School Invitational I High School Collegiate Monacan Stats not available Uncertain

Frequent winners

VCU has awarded 59 high school tournament championships, with the most going to Maggie Walker (28) followed by Guilford with 4.

VCU has awarded 24 collegiate tournament championships, with the most going to Maryland (10) followed by Virginia with 9.

VCU has awarded 45 open tournament championships, with the player represented on the most winning teams being Matt Weiner (21) followed by Tommy Casalaspi with 13.

Title Succession

NAQT ICT Division I Undergraduate Champion
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NAQT ICT Division I Undergraduate Champion
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Ohio State

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