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University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN
Current President or Coach William Barnes
National championships 1991 ACF
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This article describes the quizbowl team at the University of Tennessee. For high school quizbowl in the state of Tennessee, see Tennessee Academic Coaches Association.

The University of Tennessee, sometimes referred to as UT, UTK, or simply Tennessee, is a public university in Knoxville, Tennessee. Despite taking a brief hiatus, the team has historically been very active.


Tennessee is most notable for their win at the 1991 ACF Nationals, the first iteration of the tournament. Tennessee triumphed by going 11-0 in the 12-team round robin format. Notable members of the 1991 National Championship team include longtime UTC coach Charlie Steinhice as well as players Steve Taylor and Robert Trent. The team was coached by Carol Guthrie.

Notable Alumni

Charlie Steinhice and Robert Trent, ACF Nationals-winning teammates

Jasper Lee

ACF Nationals Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by