2006 ACF Nationals

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2006 ACF Nationals
Champion Texas A&M
Runner-up Michigan
Third Chicago A
Fourth Illinois
High scorer Jerry Vinokurov
Editor/s Andrew Yaphe
Site Michigan

The 2006 ACF Nationals was won by Texas A&M, consisting of Chris Romero, Candace Benefiel, Susan Mitchell, and Trey Morris. The tournament was held at Michigan and edited by Andrew Yaphe.

Tournament results

Texas A&M won with an overall 12-2 record, with Michigan finishing 11-3 after the two finals matches and Chicago A 10-2 as third place in the playoff bracket. Michigan, consisting of Adam Kemezis, Ryan Westbrook, Dave Rappaport, and Will Turner, finished second. Illinois finished fourth at 9-3, while Princeton went 7-5, good for fifth. UCLA (6-6), and Chicago B rounded out the top bracket.

Individual results

2006 Nationals featured four players playing solo, and they earned the top three scoring awards, as well as fifth. Jerry Vinokurov was first with 90 PPG, while Matt Lafer, playing as an exhibition team, scored 88.33 PPG and, by record, qualified for the top bracket. Matt Weiner scored 77.08 PPG to take third, just his second ACF Nationals in which he did not lead the field in scoring. Chris Frankel's 63.33 PPG were good for fourth, and first among players in the top playoff bracket. Paul Litvak's solo effort for Carnegie Mellon resulted in 62.5 PPG, earning him fifth overall in scoring.

The leading scorer for the championship Texas A&M team was Chris Romero, who finished eighth overall with 46.25 points per game. Chris's teammates Susan Mitchell, Candace Benefiel, and Trey Morris scored 24.17, 15.42, and 10 PPG, respectively, and Texas A&M tied for most tossups converted with Chicago A (at 130). Michigan converted 127 tossups, and led the field in bonus conversion, with 16.65.

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