1994 ACF Nationals

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1994 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Maryland A
Third BYU A
Fourth Maryland B
High scorer Bill Crew, Central Florida
Editor/s Jim Dendy, Ramesh Kannappan, possibly John Nam and Gaius Stern[1]
Site Maryland
Field 24 teams
Stats [2]

The 1994 ACF Nationals held on April 8 and 9 at Maryland [3]. Chicago, consisting of Peter Freeman, Josh Boorstein, John Sheahan, and Sendhil Revuluri defeated Maryland 435-70 in the first game of an advantaged final to win the tournament. Jim Dendy was the tournament director.

Tournament Recap

The tournament format consisted of two prelim brackets of 12 teams, the top 4 of which went into a double-elimination playoff bracket.

In one prelim bracket, Georgia Tech went undefeated 11-0 in, including giving Chicago their only loss of the tournament (and possibly of the entire year[4]). There was an incredible five-way tie for 3rd among Western Michigan, BYU B, Central Florida, Vanderbilt, and Virginia, which was broken by head-to-head. Western Michigan and BYU B advanced to the top playoffs bracket.

In the other prelim bracket, Maryland A and Maryland B tied for first with records of 9-2. Maryland B lost to Harvard and Oklahoma, giving Oklahoma their only win of the tournament, and Maryland A lot to MIT and Maryland B. MIT and BYU A also advanced to the top playoffs bracket.

In the six-round double-elimination playoff bracket, MIT, and Western Michigan were eliminated round 2, Georgia Tech and BYU B in round 3, Maryland B in round 4, BYU A in round 5, and Maryland A in the round 6 final. BYU's defeat of Maryland A in round 4 of the playoffs cost Maryland B third place, since prelim records were used to break playoff ties between playoff teams.

Other brackets played a round-robin to determine final placing.


  1. Bill Crew, Central Florida
  2. John Saluda, North Carolina
  3. Josh Boorstin, Chicago
  4. John Harris, Virginia


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