2000 ACF Nationals

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2000 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Illinois
Third Harvard
Fourth Virginia
High scorer Andrew Yaphe, Chicago A
Editor/s Dave Hamilton
Site Maryland
Field 22 eligible teams, 2 exhibition teams
Stats [1]

The 2000 ACF Nationals was held on April 21 and April 22 at Maryland. Chicago A, consisting of Andrew Yaphe, Sarah Bagby, Alice Chou, and Ryan Scranton won the tournament, defeating Illinois A 305-155 in a one-game final. The tournament was edited and directed by Dave Hamilton.

Tournament results

The format consisted of two eleven-team prelim brackets followed by three playoff brackets of eight, eight, and six teams, respectively. Chicago and Illinois both went undefeated in their respective prelim brackets, and both went 6-1 in the playoffs, with Chicago losing to Illinois and Illinois losing to sixth-place Michigan.

Individual results

The top five scorers at the tournament through all rounds were Andrew Yaphe of Chicago A, John Kenney of Virginia, Jeff Stewart of Princeton A, Raj Bhan of WUSTL A, and Joon Pahk of Harvard. Yaphe led the field with 76.5 points per game.


The tournament planned for an ambitious 17 rounds in a single day. The tournament was delayed by several moderators not showing up and by problems with the Stats99 program before the playoffs.

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