1993 ACF Nationals

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1993 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Maryland A
Third Harvard A
Fourth Harvard B
High scorer
Site Maryland
Field 12 teams

The 1993 ACF Nationals was the second-ever ACF Nationals. Chicago, consisting of Peter Freeman, Josh Boorstein, John Sheahan, and Sendhil Revuluri defeated Maryland in the last game of the 12-team round robin to win the tournament undefeated. John Nam was the tournament director.[1]

Sheahan negged the first tossup of the finals six words in with "One Thousand [sic] Years of Solitude," but Chicago rallied to win the tournament.[2]

Tournament Recap

Chicago won the tournament by going 11-0 in a twelve-team round-robin. There was no final. Maryland finished the tournament 10-1.

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