1996 ACF Nationals

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1996 ACF Nationals
Champion Georgia Tech
Runner-up Maryland A
Third Virginia A
Fourth Illinois A
High scorer Andrew Yaphe, Virginia
Editor/s Jim Dendy [1]
Site Tennessee
Field 39 teams
Stats [2]

The 1996 ACF Nationals was held on April 19 and April 20[3] at Tennessee. Georgia Tech went undefeated to win the tournament. They beat Maryland 340-275 in a one-game advantaged final.

After placing second at the 1995 ACF Nationals, Georgia Tech had a dominant performance, beating most of their opponents by over 200 points.[4] The field size of 39, the same as 1995 ACF Nationals, was not exceeded at an ACF Nationals until 2018 ACF Nationals.

The tournament received high praise for both editing and logistics.[5]

Tournament Recap

Georgia Tech went 12-0 in the prelims and 11-0 in the playoffs. The tournament format consisted of 3 prelim brackets of 13 teams. The top 4 teams from each bracket went into a 12-team playoff round robin.

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