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The David Riley Memorial Kickoffs (formerly the "IHSSBCA Kickoffs") are a parallel series of high school tournament held at several sites across the state of Illinois, usually in mid-November. This tournament is the traditional beginning of the Illinois Scholastic Bowl season, although since its inception, several tournaments have taken dates before Kickoff. Starting in 2016, the tournament series was named in memory of David Riley.

For several years, some sites divided teams into "large" and "small" school divisions, however, this division was left strictly to the host, and was quite arbitrary, often putting schools' A and B teams in different divisions. In particular, it did not follow the IHSA Class A (small)/Class AA (large) division system.

Excepting IHSA Regionals and Masonic Sectionals, this tournament is the most-attended (as with the others, when sites are combined) of any high school tournament in Illinois.

For the first few years of the tournament, questions were written by Triad Questions, a company founded by Martin Stroup and two of his friends who played for Illinois in the early 1990s. The questions were in IHSA format and distribution but were significantly more pyramidal than other questions generally used at that time. Several question providers were used over the years, including a few times when the questions were written by Sister John Baricevic. Starting around 2008, the format started changing away from IHSA format. In 2006 through 2008, the questions were by Aegis Questions. Since 2009 the questions have been an NAQT Invitational Series set.

Illinois hosted a fall tournament in 1995 directed by Martin Stroup. MacArthur defeated Quincy for the Championship, and Latin defeated Niantic-Harristown for Third Place. Stroup had played for Tom Durbin at MacArthur, and they worked together the next year to have IHSSBCA sponsor the tournament when IHSSBCA was formed and Durbin became its first Chair. David Riley was the central coordinator for the Kickoffs for the first several years after the move to multiple sites.



Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
19 Oct 1996 UIUC 35 Quincy Fremd Woodruff MacArthur


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
18 Oct 1997 Loyola Academy 30 New Trier MacArthur Wilmington Moline


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
21 Nov 1998 Loyola Academy 60 Loyola Academy IMSA New Trier MacArthur


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
20 Nov 1999 Loyola Academy 42 New Trier IMSA Loyola Gold (A) Stevenson
Sterling 24 Auburn Boylan Byron Stillman Valley
PORTA 28 Quincy St. Teresa Notre Dame (Peoria) Warrensburg-Latham
Fairfield 12 Salem Fairfield Robinson Fairfield B


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
18 Nov 2000 Loyola Academy
Academic Div
16 Wheaton North Stevenson Loyola Academy A Marist

Scholastic Div.
16 Downers Grove North Lake Park Cary-Grove Notre Dame (Niles)
Blue Div.
12 Auburn Streator Sterling Boylan

Gold Div.
12 LaSalle-Peru Moline Winnebago Stillman Valley
Large School Div.
18 Springfield Southeast MacArthur Quincy A Normal Community

Small School Div.
12 Warrensburg-Latham Dunlap Athens Bloomington Central Catholic
Fairfield 10 Salem Robinson Fairfield Breese Central


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
17 Nov 2001 Loyola Academy
Academic Div.
18 Downers Grove North Fremd New Trier Homewood-Flossmoor

Scholastic Div.
18 Latin Lake Forest St. Ignatius Notre Dame (Niles) A
Gold Div.
16 Streator Sterling Galesburg Moline

Blue Div.
16 Marian Central Catholic Coal City Auburn B Sterling B
St. Teresa
Scholastic Div.
15 Springfield Southeast University (Normal) Bradley-Bourbonnais Quincy

Academic Div.
15 Bloomington Central Catholic Sullivan St. Teresa Athens
Fairfield 12 Carterville Highland Breese Central Fairfield


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
16 Nov 2002 Von Steuben
Scholastic Div.
18 Wheaton North Stevenson Libertyville Latin

Academic Div.
24 Downers Grove North Crystal Lake South Wheaton Warrenville South Hoffman Estates
Gold Div.
15 Rockridge Richmond-Burton Winnebago Newman Central Catholic

Blue Div.
15 Stillman Valley Boylan Auburn Moline
Scholastic Div.
13 MacArthur Quincy A Pleasant Plains Sullivan

Academic Div.
14 Bunker Hill Rossville-Alvin Quincy B Riverton
Fairfield Community College 16 Fairfield Litchfield A Carterville Mt. Carmel (Illinois)


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
15 Nov 2003 Von Steuben
Academic Div.
22 Wheaton North Marist New Trier Bradley-Bourbonnais

Scholastic Div.
24 Rufus King St. Ignatius Von Steuben Buffalo Grove
Sterling 24 Auburn Winnebago Boylan Rock Island
Scholastic Div.
10 MacArthur Bunker Hill Bloomington Normal Community West

Academic Div.
15 Pittsfield Macon Meridian Riverton PORTA
Wayne City 8 Carterville Fairfield Edwards County Robinson


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
20 Nov 2004 Von Steuben
Scholastic Div.
20 New Trier Stevenson A Lincoln Way-East Bradley-Bourbonnais

Academic Div.
20 Stevenson B Von Steuben Loyola Academy Lisle
Div. I
18 Auburn Bettendorf Winnebago IMSA

Div. II
12 Byron Morrison Galva Rockridge
Unity 27 MacArthur Morton Normal Community West Macon Meridian
Wayne City 15 Carbondale O'Fallon Carterville Fairfield


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
19 Nov 2005 Wheaton North 46 Fenwick Deerfield New Trier Wheaton North
Div. I
18 Auburn Moline Winnebago Boylan

Div. II
16 Morrison Auburn B Seneca Newman Central Catholic
Bloomington 30 Quincy Springfield Morton Bradley-Bourbonnais
Wayne City 10 Carbondale Fairfield O'Fallon Charleston


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
18 Nov 2006 Wheaton North 54 St. Ignatius Maine South Wheaton North Libertyville
Sterling 24 Auburn Morrison Moline Newman Central Cathollic
Bloomington 42 Springfield Bloomington MacArthur Bradley-Bourbonnais
Wayne City 8 O'Fallon Fairfield Wayne City Edwards County


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
10 Nov 2007 PORTA 24 Bloomington PORTA Mahomet-Seymour Roanoke-Benson
17 Nov 2007 Wheaton North 54 Wheaton North New Trier Auburn Naperville North
17 Nov 2007 Sterling 26 Byron Bettendorf Boylan Winnebago
17 Nov 2007 O'Fallon 20 O'Fallon Carbondale Quincy Charleston


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
8 Nov 2008 Wheaton North 54 Auburn Loyola Academy New Trier Stevenson
Sterling 26 LaSalle-Peru Moline Bloomington Boylan
PORTA 32 Springfield Warrensburg-Latham Mahomet-Seymour New Berlin
Carbondale 12 Carbondale Marissa Charleston Carterville


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
21 Nov 2009 Wheaton North 60 Loyola Academy Auburn St. Ignatius Oak Park-River Forest A
14 Nov 2009 Sterling 26 Geneva Bettendorf Kaneland Marian Central Catholic
14 Nov 2009 PORTA 30 Litchfield Glenwood Macomb New Berlin
21 Nov 2009 Greenville 10 Althoff O'Fallon Greenville Gillespie
14 Nov 2009 Carbondale 10 Carbondale Charleston A Fairfield Charleston B
Total Attendance: 136 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-88


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
6 Nov 2010 Wheaton North
Competitive Div.
24 Auburn Stevenson Oak Park-River Forest IMSA

Learning Div.
42 St. Viator Naperville Central Fenwick unknown
6 Nov 2010 Sterling 24 Belvidere North A Guilford Marian Central Catholic Byron
13 Nov 2010 Centennial 24 Rolling Meadows Normal Community Centennial Streator
6 Nov 2010 PORTA
A Teams Div.
20 Glenwood Macomb Richwoods Quincy

B Teams Div.
7 Springfield B

Litchfield B

unknown unknown
6 Nov 2010 Greenville 16 Carbondale Greenville O'Fallon Marquette (Alton)
Total Attendance: 157 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-98


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
19 Nov 2011 Wheaton North
Über-Competitive Div.
18 IMSA Stevenson A Loyola Academy A Auburn A
Wheaton Warrenville A

Standard Div.
64 Lake Zurich Fenton
Wheaton North B
Stevenson B
The Latin School A
Naperville North A
Sterling 24 Belvidere North A Sycamore Marian Central Catholic Boylan
Centennial 24 Centennial A Bradley-Bourbonnais A Mahomet-Seymour A
Bloomington Central Catholic A
Class AA Div.
8 Macomb Springfield A Glenwood A Glenwood B

Class A Div.
16 PORTA Warrensburg-Latham
LSA (Decatur)
Greenville 16 O'Fallon Carlinville Southwestern Marquette (Alton) A
Carbondale 6 Carbondale A Carbondale B Carterville
Johnston City
Total Attendance: 176 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-109


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
17 Nov 2012 Wheaton North
Upper Div.
18 Stevenson A Wheaton North A Metea Valley A
Wheaton Warrenville South A
St. Ignatius A

Standard Div.
30 Stevenson B Naperville North Homewood-Flossmoor A Carmel
Loyola Academy
Competitive Div.
10 Belvidere North A Loyola Academy A IMSA A Auburn A

Standard Div.
24 St. Viator A Fenton A Wauconda Auburn C
Sterling 22 Boylan A Newman Central Catholic Stillman Valley A Moline
Bloomington 24 Bloomington A Mahomet-Seymour A Champaign Central Bradley-Bourbonnais A
PORTA 20 Macomb A Glenwood A Springfield
Macomb B
Greenville 18 Carlinville Cumberland Southwestern A Marquette Catholic
Carbondale 9 Carbondale A Savannah (MO) Carterville A Carbondale B
Total Attendance: 175 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-120


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
23 Nov 2013 Maine South
Upper Div.
16 IMSA A Stevenson Auburn Maia Karpovich (IMSA A) - 93 ppg
Standard Div. 30 Carmel A Loyola A Loyola B Latin B Brian Johnson (Maine South) - 85 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor 36 Chicago Lab Metea Valley Hinsdale Central Naperville Central Adam Fine (Chicago Lab) - 99 ppg
Sterling 24 Newman Central Catholic
Marian Central Catholic
Belvidere North A
Andrew Pearson (Rock Island) - 98 ppg
Centennial 32 Bloomington A Springfield A Glenwood A Jackson Myers (Springfield A) - 125 ppg
Carbondale 7 Carbondale B Carbondale A Prerak Trivedi (Carbondale A) - 72 ppg
Greenville 20 Cumberland A Marquette (Alton) Southwestern Mount Vernon Charley Ault (Cumberland A) - 100 ppg
Total Attendance: 165 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-130


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
22 Nov 2014 Carbondale 8 Carbondale Nashville Carterville McCracken County Mahir Morshed (Carbondale) - 74.29 ppg
Champaign Centennial 32 Bloomington Harrison Harrison University Lab (Urbana) Alston Boyd (Bloomington) - 100 ppg
Fenwick 18 Hinsdale Central Latin St. Ignatius Oak Park-River Forest Jack Skalitzky (St. Ignatius) - 80 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor 36 Naperville North Homewood-Flossmoor Wheaton North University of Chicago Lab Jakob Myers (Naperville North) - 132 ppg
Keith Country Day 12 Newman Central Catholic Belvidere North Boylan Keith Country Day Elliot Frankfother (Newman Cent. Cath.) - 130.95
Macomb 16 Macomb Dunlap Moline Galesburg Paul Lee (Dunlap) - 96.43 ppg
Southwestern 20 Glenwood Marquette (Alton) Southwestern Litchfield Mark Thompson Patterson (O'Fallon A) - 92.5 ppg
Upper Div.
10 Auburn Barrington IMSA Metea Valley Cole Timmerwilke (Auburn) - 90 ppg
Standard Div. 24 Loyola Lake Zurich Stevenson B Saint Viator Varun Cidambi (Fremd E) - 82 ppg
Total Attendance: 176 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-140


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
21 Nov 2015 Belvidere North 8 Waubonsie Valley Keith Country Day Boylan Belvidere North A Brian Kalathiveetil (Waubonsie Valley) - 91.43 ppg
Carbondale 5 Carbondale A Carbondale B Fairfield Carterville Jonathan Huh (Carbondale A) - 106.25 ppg
Fenwick 24 Hinsdale Central A Hinsdale Central B OPRF A Latin A Jack Skalitzky (St. Ignatius) - 132.22 ppg
Galesburg 6 Mahomet-Seymour A Galesburg A Mahomet-Seymour B Monticello Iain Carpenter (Mahomet-Seymour A) - 85.56 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor Competitive 12 Naperville North A Homewood-Flossmoor A Metea Valley A Centennial A Jakob Myers (Naperville North A) - 140 ppg

36 Timothy Christian Glenbard East A Oswego East A Oak Lawn A Trevor Spreadbury (Oak Lawn) - 85.56 ppg
Southwestern 30 O'Fallon A Urbana Lab Glenwood Springfield Mark Thompson Patterson (O'Fallon A) - 109 ppg
Stevenson 30 Auburn A IMSA A Stevenson A Barrington Cole Timmerwilke (Auburn A) - 127.73 ppg
Total Attendance: 151 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-150


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
19 Nov 2016 Fenwick 24 Hinsdale Central A Waubonsie Valley OPRF A Fenwick A Brian Kalathiveetil (Waubonsie Valley) - 97 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor Competitive 12 Naperville North A Homewood-Flossmoor A Harrison A Timothy Christian Jakob Myers (Naperville North A) - 165 ppg
Standard 48 Naperville Central A Bradley-Bourbonnais A Glenbard East A Harrison B unknown
Morrison 16 Keith Country Day Boylan A Newman Cent. Catholic Riverdale Mike Powers (Newman Cent. Catholic) - 70.71 ppg
Springfield Main 29 Glenwood University (Normal) Macomb A Mahomet-Seymour A Charlie Cutting (University (Normal)) - 100 ppg
B Team Division 10 Greenville B New Berlin B Greenville C Quincy B Joel Nord (Greenville B) - 56.88 ppg
Stevenson Upper 8 Barrington A Stevenson A IMSA A Fremd A (Barrington A) John Waldron (Barrington A) - 76.43 ppg
Standard 24 Fremd B IMSA B Evanston Marian Cent. Catholic Jake Fiedler (Marian Cent. Catholic) - 85 ppg
Total Attendance: 171 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-160


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
18 Nov 2017 Byron 12 Belvidere Byron Moline Belvidere North Nick Larson (Belvidere) - 92 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor Standard 36 Homewood-Flossmoor Naperville Central Metea Valley Latin Aristotle Vainikos (Sandburg) - 109 ppg
B Teams 24 Latin C Naperville North B Sandburg C Sandburg E unknown
Carbondale 5 Carbondale A O'Fallon Carbondale B unknown unknown
Stevenson Competitive 8 Stevenson Auburn IMSA Fremd unknown
Standard 36 Lyons Township Fremd C New Trier Wheaton Warrenville South Dimitri Speron (Maine South) - 99 ppg
Mattoon 32 University of Illinois Lab Glenwood Mahomet-Seymour Williamsville Mitch McCullar (Williamsville) - 130 ppg
Quincy 10 Southwestern Macomb Springfield Quincy Notre Dame Jacob Simmons (Southwestern) - 112 ppg
Routt Catholic 8 Athens Carlinville New Berlin Riverton Alex Morris (Athens) - 104 ppg
Total Attendance: 171 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-170


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
17 Nov 2018 Belvidere 12 Belvidere Elgin Academy Newman Central Catholic Winnebago Nick Larson (Belvidere) - 113 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor Standard 34 Naperville Central Latin A Latin B Harrison (IN) Ashish Subramanian (Hoffman Estates)
Mostly Novice 32 St. Laurence Sandburg Geneva Metea Valley unknown
Springfield Franklin 20 Springfield Macomb Glenwood Athens Alex Morris (Athens) - 101 ppg
Stevenson Uber 10 Stevenson University Lab Fremd A tie: IMSA/Barrington Hanson Hao (IMSA) - 94 ppg
Standard 24 Evanston Palatine Fremd B Marian Central Catholic Ryan Tsau (Palatine) - 94 ppg
Mattoon 24 Centennial Mahomet-Seymour Paris Champaign Central Nick Morrow (Mahomet-Seymour) - 58 ppg
Southwestern 18 Carbondale Rochester Southwestern Carlinville Luke Tutterow (Southwestern) - 83 ppg
Total Attendance: 174 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-179


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
23 Nov 2019 Auburn Competitive 8 Stevenson A Stevenson B Fremd IMSA Govind Prabhakar (Stevenson A) - 82 ppg
Auburn Standard 24 Stevenson D Stevenson C St. Charles East Waubonsie Valley Saketh Dontaraju (Keith Country Day) - 128 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor Champions 36 Latin A Barrington A Evanston Buffalo Grove A
Homewood-Flossmoor Challengers 22 Plainfield North A Maine South Harrison B Hinsdale Central B
Homewood-Flossmoor Novice 18 Timothy Christian B Wheaton-Warrenville South B Lincoln-Way East E Harrison C
Lincoln 8 Dunlap Illinois Valley Central Pekin Bloomington Central Catholic Ken Johnson (Dunlap) - 119.29 ppg
Mattoon 21 University of Illinois Lab A Champaign Centennial A University of Illinois Lab B Paris Tommy Allanson (Paris) - 86 PPG
New Berlin 8 Williamsville A Williamsville B Pleasant Plains New Berlin Nathan Clack (Williamsville) - 96 PPG
Southwestern 32 Alton A Carbondale A Springfield A Glenwood A John Paul Taylor (Carbondale A) - 92 PPG
Total Attendance: 177 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-188


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
14 Nov 2020/21 Nov 2020 Online Division 1 36 Stevenson A Barrington A University Lab A Buffalo Grove A Arjun Nageswaran (Stevenson A) - 116 ppg
Online Division 2 48 Waubonsie Valley A Auburn B Westmont Belvidere North Tommy Guyett (Elgin Academy) - 92 ppg
Online Division 3 36 Charleston Latin B Auburn C Moline Kevin Forman (Lake Forest) - 78 ppg
Total Attendance: 120 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-197


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
20 Nov 2021 Auburn 30 Barrington A Stevenson A Auburn A IMSA A Charles Young (Barrington A) - 107 ppg
Centennial 9 University Lab A Centennial A University Lab B Monticello Jisoo Park (Centennial) - 92.50 ppg
Fairfield 8 Carbondale Johnston City Carterville Fairfield Giifti Benti (Carbondale) - 93.57 ppg
Granite City 14 Springfield A Riverton A Granite City A Staunton A Jack Casey (Springfield A) - 101.67 ppg
Homewood-Flossmoor 54 Buffalo Grove A Waubonsie Valley A Fremd A Sandburg A
Lincoln 32 Bloomington Southwestern A Williamsville Rochester A Corbin Tutterow (Southwestern) - 118.57 ppg
Online 6 Latin Naperville North Naperville Central A Naperville Central B Henry Xie (Naperville North) - 100 ppg
Total Attendance: 153 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-206


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
19 Nov 2022 Auburn 14 IMSA A Auburn B IMSA B Auburn B Sinecio Morales, Auburn (Rockford) A, 102.78 PPG
Centennial 11 UIUC Lab A Centennial Champaign Central Uni Lab B Arjun Kala, University (Urbana) A, 100 PPG
Fairfield 8 Carbondale Johnston City Cumberland Teutopolis Chase Cline, Fairfield, 79.29 PPG
Fenton 32 Buffalo Grove A Waubonsie Valley A Barrington A Timothy Christian A Rohan Ganeshan, Buffalo Grove, 158 PPG
Homewood-Flossmoor 48 Fremd A Stevenson A Hinsdale Central A Francis Parker A Daniel Titcomb, Wheaton Academy, 98 PPG
Lincoln 24 Bloomington Southwestern A Springfield A Dunlap Soren Gjesfjeld, Bloomington, 125 PPG
Total Attendance: 137 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-215


Date Site # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth High Scorer
18 Nov 2023 Auburn 8 IMSA A Auburn A IMSA B Winnebago Stephen Walsh, IMSA (Aurora) A, 105 PPG
Barrington Challenge 8 Barrington A Buffalo Grove A Stevenson A Evanston A Rohan Ganeshan, Buffalo Grove A, 178.57 PPG
Barrington Standard 20 New Trier Loyola Academy Northridge Stevenson C Sohan Avula, Elgin Academy A, 68.75 PPG
Fairfield 7 Carbondale A Johnston City A Fairfield Carterville Ava Anderson, Johnston City A, 75 PPG
Homewood-Flossmoor Champions 30 Fremd A Francis Parker (IL) Fremd C Fremd B Sriram Koritala, Lisle, 109 PPG
Homewood-Flossmoor Challengers 34 Fenwick Oswego East C Walter Payton C Chicago Christian Toby Fratto, Chicago Christian, 71 PPG
Lincoln Competitive 18 Bloomington Springfield A St. Teresa A Galesburg Soren Gjesfjeld, Bloomington, 111 PPG
Lincoln Standard 12 Springfield C Pleasant Plains B Riverton Illinois Valley Central Amelia Gaddis, Riverton, 44 PPG
Mattoon 20 University of Illinois Lab Centennial A Paris Champaign Central A
Southwestern 12 Mascoutah Metro-East Lutheran Alton Rushville-Industry Wyatt Curry, Mascoutah, 110 points PPG
Total Attendance: 169 teams
Questions: NAQT IS-224