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A grail is a feat wherein one team correctly answers all tossups heard in a match. The team does not need to answer all of the bonus parts correctly to achieve a grail.

Incomplete List of Teams That Have Achieved a Grail

Middle School

  • Middlesex Middle A at 2015 Manheim Township Middle School Academic Challenge against Landisville Middle A (785-(-5))
  • Miami Valley School A four times: once against Willis at Olentangy Liberty's AQUILA I (645-(-10)), once at the 2015 Ohio Middle School State Championship against St. Mary B (700-0), once at the 2016 Harvest Prep Fall Challenge against Delaware Dempsey (760-0), and once at the 3rd Annual Copley Middle School Invitational against St. Hilary A (765 -(-10)).
  • Barrington Station twice: at 2017 SMV Fall Gladiator Open against St. Mary's Visitation B 715–0 on November 4, 2017; and at 2018 Northwestern University Jr. Wildcat against St. Giles A 710–(-10) on March 10, 2018

High School


Individual Grail

An individual grail occurs when a single individual, playing solo or with teammates, answers every tossup in a regulation match.



  • Jerry Vinokurov was one tossup short of this mark playing solo against Athens State B at 2006 ACF Nationals.
  • Tom Waters, playing as an individual against GW B at a Maryland tournament in 1995, similarly managed 19 out of 20 tossups
  • R. Hentzel legendarily had an attempt at an individual grail foiled when he failed to identify an "Easy-Bake Oven."
  • Dylan Minarik playing solo at MUT 2016 almost grailed against NIU C, after NIU C answered the first tossup correctly and Dylan got the next 19.

High School Individual Grails

Middle School Individual Grails

William Groger of Miami Valley A grailed against St. Hilary A at the 3rd Annual Copley Middle School Invitational.

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