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Team Illinois is an all-star team of 5-6 high school quizbowl players selected annually by the to the Illinois High School Scholastic Bowl Coaches Association (IHSSBCA) to represent Illinois at national competitions. From 1997-2008, Team Illinois competed in the Panasonic Academic Challenge. The program was canceled in 2009, but was resurrected to send a team to NASAT beginning in 2010.

Selection Process & Preparation

Players attend one of several open mid-season tryout events, one of which is attached to the IHSSBCA/NAST Illinois Championship. Coaches are encouraged to send players of exceptional talent, with an eye for players who tend to excel beyond IHSA format, but anyone attending high school in the state of Illinois, even those not attached to an active team, is welcome to try their hand.

At the tryout, players answer a battery of approximately 100 bonus parts, read to each player individually under NASAT rules, and play a series of approximately 4 singles-style tossup rounds. These tossup rounds have a unique scoring system of +2 for a correct answer and -1 for an incorrect answer (at any point, even after the tossup is over.) Singles rooms are sequentially re-pooled after each round to produce a variety of room conditions and buzz points are carefully recorded on each question.

The resulting data are analyzed metrically to produce a list of approximately 20 candidates. These play in a second tryout event - which may be online - against one another. Data from that are combined with first-round data, re-analyzed, and that analysis is combined with observations of play and players character/record for use by an IHSSBCA selection committee and Team Illinois coaches to make a selection of 4-6 players per team to be fielded, though team level (A, B, etc.) is not always decided at this time. The team(s) practice many times, usually online, between the selection and the competition and sometimes players are moved between team levels as a result of performance in these practices.

The major goals of this process are to produce the strongest team(s) possible, considering player overlap and balance across subjects, and to give all players a fair chance to show their talents.

2001 at the NSC

In 2001, Team Illinois was permitted to enter the PACE NSC to play exhibition matches. There were complaints regarding the presence of an all-star team, and Team Illinois was never permitted to return, nor has any other all-star team been permitted to participate. Nonetheless, Yogesh Raut was named to the All-Scholar team. Team Illinois' participation coincided with its coach, Rob Grierson, receiving the 2001 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award.


Note: In 2005, 2007, and 2011, Riley was unable to travel. In 2005 and 2007, Tom Egan joined the team at the competition; in 2011, Matt Laird did so.

*Mike Laudermith also was a player on the first Team Illinois, in 1997.

Rosters & Results

Panasonic Era

From 1997-2008, Team Illinois competed at the Panasonic Academic Challenge. Players in bold were selected to the All-American team.

Year Player School Finish
1997 Mark Barrett Libertyville DNP (46 teams)
Mike Laudermith West Leyden
Jeremy Light Woodruff
Kyle McQuisten Hononegah
Jeff Vieregg W W South
Tim Werner Fremd
1998 David Coffee Springfield Southeast 5th place (46 teams)
Vagish Hemmige Fremd
Kory Knous PORTA
Nicholas Rakes Wilmington
Ben Ricca Streator
David Shalowitz New Trier
1999 David Barnes Latin School DNP (44 teams)
Tim Holbrook University (Normal)
Peter McFerrin IMSA
Ben Ricca Streator
David Shalowitz New Trier
Martin Urban Moline
2000 Brad Houston Stevenson 4th place (47 teams)
Stephen Moore MacArthur
Yogesh Raut IMSA
Stephen Walker Loyola Academy
David Werner Lake Zurich
2001 Eric Bellm Carlinville top 18 (39 teams)
Jim Davis Latin School
Gary Leuty Salem
Stephen Moore MacArthur
Yogesh Raut IMSA
David Werner Lake Zurich
2002 Parag Bhayani Homewood-Flossmoor 2nd place (33 teams)
Jim Davis Latin School
Mathew Eapen Sterling
Mariusz Galczynski Downers Grove North
Shao-Yun Guo New Trier
Lori Sommers Wheaton North
2003 Parag Bhayani Homewood-Flossmoor top 18 (34 teams)
Colin Davy New Trier
Paul Gauthier Wheaton North
Matt Keenan New Trier
Ben Taylor Guilford
Kelly Tourdot Stillman Valley
David Vock Wheaton North
2004 David Abram Hoffman Estates 3rd place (33 teams)
Nik Brendler Lincoln-Way East
Paul Gauthier Wheaton North
Eric Grebing Bunker Hill
Jaya Kalra Sterling
Andy Mathews Loyola Academy
2005 Michael Bilow Deerfield 3rd place (32 teams)
Cliff Chang New Trier
Tyler Kerr Auburn
Jordan Silver Stevenson
John Smillie Morton
Donald Taylor MacArthur
2006 Carlo Angiuli New Trier top 18 (32 teams)
Greg Gauthier Wheaton North
Tyler Kerr Auburn
Matt McKenna Loyola Academy
Justin Stoncius Carbondale
Kristina Warren Bloomington
2007 Carlo Angiuli New Trier Champion (31 teams)
Hunter Fast Bloomington
Greg Gauthier Wheaton North
Greg Peterson Maine South
Justin Stoncius Carbondale
2008 John Brown Auburn Champion (27 teams)
Greg Gauthier Wheaton North
Curt Peterson W W South
Siva Sundaram Auburn
Mike Verity Loyola Academy
Greg Gauthier was only the third player in the history of the PAC to be named to the All-American team, twice.


Since 2010, Team Illinois has competed at NASAT. There was no Team Illinois in 2009.

Year A/B Player School Finish
2010 Ben Carbery OPRF 3rd place (16 teams)
Andrew Deveau St. Ignatius
Kevin Malis Stevenson
Lloyd Sy Auburn
2011 Ben Carbery OPRF 2nd place (10 teams)
Andrew Deveau St. Ignatius
Kevin Malis Stevenson
Lloyd Sy Auburn
2012 Ben Chametzky Carbondale 2nd place (13 teams)
Alex Kling Latin School
Lloyd Sy Auburn
Nolan Winkler Loyola Academy
2013 Dylan Minarik Belvidere North 6th place (13 teams)
Alex Pandya Auburn
Morgan Venkus Loyola Academy
Tristan Willey Macomb
2014 Jason Asher Stevenson 2nd place (17 teams)
Maia Karpovich IMSA
Evan Pandya Auburn
Cole Timmerwilke Auburn
2015 Adam Fine Chicago Lab 3rd place (12 teams)
Evan Pandya Auburn
Andrew Salij IMSA
Cole Timmerwilke Auburn
2016 Ankush Bajaj Hinsdale Central Champion (15 teams)
Sunny Chen Hinsdale Central
Matthew Lehmann Barrington
Jakob Myers Naperville North
Cole Timmerwilke Auburn
2017 A Matthew Lehmann Barrington Champion (25 teams)
A Jakob Myers Naperville North
A Pranav Sivakumar IMSA
A Ethan Strombeck Auburn
B Anishka Bandara OPRF 9th place (25 teams)
B Brian Kalathiveetil Waubonsie Valley
B Kevin Kodama OPRF
B Sophie Netzel Glenbard West
B John Waldron Barrington
2018 A Hanson Hao IMSA Champion (29 teams)
A Mitch McCullar Williamsville
A Govind Prabhakar Stevenson
A Ethan Strombeck Auburn
B Ethan Ashbrook University of Illinois Lab 14th place (29 teams)
B Kevin Kodama OPRF
B Arjun Nageswaran Stevenson
B Sophie Netzel Glenbard West
B Mark Thomas-Patterson O'Fallon
B (Hon.) Olivia Lamberti Stevenson Honorary & Alternate (D.N.P.)
B (Hon.) Deepak Moparthi Stevenson
(Alt.) Jamin Kim Fremd
2019 A Ethan Ashbrook University of Illinois Lab Champion (23 teams)
A Hanson Hao IMSA
A Govind Prabhakar Stevenson
A Ethan Strombeck Auburn
B Dylan Bowman University of Illinois Lab 5th place (23 teams)
B Tim Cho University of Illinois Lab
B Jonathan Lau University of Illinois Lab
B Matthew Lee IMSA
B Sophie Netzel Glenbard West

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