1999 ACF Nationals

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1999 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago
Runner-up Maryland
Third Berkeley
Fourth Illinois
High scorer Andrew Yaphe, Chicago
Editor/s Rick Grimes, Brian Rostron, others
Site Chicago
Stats [1]

The 1999 ACF Nationals was a national championship held at the University of Chicago.

It was won by Chicago A, consisting of Andrew Yaphe, Samuel Bennett, Ryan Scranton, and Sarah Bagby, which finished with an 18-0 record. Second place went to Maryland, which went 14-4, while Illinois A and Berkeley finished third and fourth.

The tournament featured perhaps the only All-Star Game in the history of ACF Nationals play. In it, a team consisting of Andrew Yaphe, Robert Trent, Subash Maddipoti, and Dave Goodman defeated a team of Mike Wehrman, Dave Hamilton, Jason Hong, and Seth Kendall. Seth led his team in scoring, going 4-0, while Andrew led his team, going 10-2.

Andrew Yaphe led the tournament in scoring at 89.7 ppg, while Robert Trent was second, at 54.7 ppg. A young Subash Maddipoti, in his last year at Quincy, finished fourth in scoring at 44.2 ppg.