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ACF Fall 2009 was held over the weekend of October 31st, 2009, at ten regional sites throughout the United States and one in Canada. This tournament was head-edited by Gautam Kandlikar, who was assisted by Evan Adams, Auroni Gupta, Will Nediger, Mehdi Razvi and George Stevens.

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer
North Minnesota Gautam Kandlikar Minnesota B Carleton A Rob Carson
Lower Midwest University of Missouri Charlie Dees Truman State A WUSTL Charles Hang
Midwest Chicago Matt Menard Illinois B Illinois A Kurtis Droge
Southwest Texas Eric Kwartler Rice LASA A Henry Gorman
New England MIT Hannah Kirsch Harvard D Harvard A Dallas Simons
South-Atlantic VCU Matt Weiner State College A Maggie Walker Chris Ray
West Caltech Faith Shuker-Haines UCSD Claremont Colleges A Brian Tsui
Southeast Florida Justin Byrd Chipola A Chipola B Dallin Kelson
South Georgia Tech Adam Liem South Carolina A Vanderbilt Nathan James
Ontario McMaster Jay Misuk Toronto Michigan Sinan Ulusoy
Northwest Boise State Colin McNamara UW B UW A Steven Diamond


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