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ACF Fall is a novice-level college quizbowl tournament produced every year by ACF and held concurrently at multiple locations throughout North America and the United Kingdom. It traditionally takes place on the first weekend of November, though this may not be true at every site.

Set production

ACF Fall is a packet submission tournament. Experienced teams are required to submit packets of questions, which are edited by a team assembled by ACF. In recent years, the editing team has consisted of roughly half a dozen relatively new editors, overseen by an ACF member as head editor, occasionally with other senior ACF members providing oversight and guidance. For some time, teams were required to submit an entire raw packet of 24/24 (24 tossups and 24 bonuses). Since 2014, however, ACF Fall has moved to a model based on half-packets of 12/12.


ACF Fall has been held annually since 2001. Kelly McKenzie suggested the creation of ACF Fall as part of a general initiative in 2001 to make ACF less difficult and more appealing to new players, which had begun with Subash Maddipoti's successful editing of a less-difficult ACF Regionals in January 2001. The inaugural tournaments was well-received by most members of the quizbowl community, though some individuals (such as Craig Barker) maintained that it was still too difficult. In the years since, the reputation of ACF Fall has continued to grow, and many teams which were formerly wary of ACF have attended and enjoyed ACF Fall.

Since 2008, ACF Fall has capped all tossups at six lines of 10 point Times New Roman font. Starting in 2021, ACF Fall was made submission-optional. Eligibility restrictions were also added to limit the number of experienced players.

List of ACF Fall tournaments

Year Announcement Editors Packets
2001 Kelly McKenzie Packets
2002 Kelly McKenzie Packets
2003 Kelly McKenzie Packets
2004 link Subash Maddipoti and Matt Cvijanovich Packets
2005 link Eric Kwartler, Matt Weiner, Andrew Yaphe, Jerry Vinokurov, and others Packets
2006 link Eric Kwartler, Matt Weiner, Matt Keller, Billy Beyer Packets
2007 link Eric Kwartler, Mike Sorice, Andrew Hart, Jonathan Magin, Jay Sridhar, Dennis Jang, with Jason Loy, Kevin Koai, and Jeremy Hixson Packets
2008 link Andrew Hart, with Rob Carson, Trevor Davis, Ted Gioia, and Gautam Kandlikar Packets
2009 link Gautam Kandlikar, with Evan Adams, Auroni Gupta, Will Nediger, Mehdi Razvi, George Stevens Packets
2010 link Evan Adams, with Dallas Simons, Carsten Gehring, Guy Tabachnick, Will Butler, and John Lawrence Packets
2011 link Carsten Gehring, with Sarah Angelo, Bryan Berend, Matt Bollinger, Matt Hart, Gaurav Kandlikar, and Matt Menard Packets
2012 link Matt Bollinger, with Jasper Lee, Jarret Greene, Diana Gerr, Daniel Hothem, and Stephen Liu Packets
2013 link Stephen Liu, with Tanay Kothari, Ankit Aggarwal, Adam Silverman, Stephen Eltinge, Lloyd Sy, John Lawrence, and Andrew Hart Packets
2014 link Gautam Kandlikar and Gaurav Kandlikar, with Jordan Brownstein, Jacob Reed, Max Schindler, Richard Yu, and Ben Zhang Packets
2015 link Gaurav Kandlikar and Richard Yu, with Eddie Kim, Dylan Minarik, Ryan Rosenberg, Andrew Wang, and Nathan Weiser Packets
2016 link Gaurav Kandlikar, with Will Alston, Rob Carson, Mike Cheyne, Jonchee Kao, Eddie Kim, Bruce Lou, Rohith Nagari, Itamar Naveh-Benjamin, Kai Smith, and Richard Yu Packets
2017 link Jonathan Magin, with Adam Silverman, Jason Cheng, Bruce Lou, Evan Lynch, Ashwin Ramaswami, Ryan Rosenberg, and Jennie Yang Packets
2018 link Nathan Weiser, with Adam Silverman, Rahul Keyal, Olivia Lamberti, Young Lee, Ashwin Ramaswami, Nitin Rao, and Neil Vinjamuri Packets
2019 link Rahul Keyal, with Ganon Evans, Justin French, Halle Friedman, Katherine Lei, Caroline Mao, Ben Miller, Tracy Mirkin, Clark Smith, and Kevin Yu Packets
2020 link Ben Miller, with Sarah Benner, Justin Duffy, Halle Friedman, Alex Hardwick, Arjun Nageswaran, and Karthik Prasad + Matthew Lehmann for oversight Packets
2021 link Katherine Lei, with Sarah Benner, Justin Duffy, Karan Gurazada, Mitch McCullar, Gov Prabhakar, Ethan Strombeck, and Ned Tagtmeier + Justin Duffy, Matthew Lehmann, Matthew Bollinger and other ACF members for oversight Packets
2022 link Arjun Nageswaran and Steven Liu, with Dean Ah Now, Raymond Chen, Jim Fan, Sean Farrell, Evan Knox, Daniel Ma, Ned Tagtmeier, June Yin, and Walter Zhang Packets
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